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About us

Company AVACS works at development of Hi-Tech software for mobile devices (cell phones, smart phones). Having experience with development and application of diverse automated and automatic computer systems, our company has developed general concept of writing games and programs for mobile devices, providing exchange of information between such devices via Internet, Bluetooth, IRDA, etc. This is an advanced concept in mobile devices industry.

Basic principles of our company:

  • Reliability (in our software we use protected algorithms in transmission of data, which block any intrusion from outside)
  • Quality (all applications are carefully tested on a bulk of cell phones from different producers with different functional characteristics)
  • Efficiency (you can buy and use our production almost instantly via Internet or your cell phone, and our clients assistance service is ready to answer all your questions during 24 hours)
  • Versatility (our software is runnable on all mobile devices, which have a minimum basic set of applications support, written in Java)

Combination of widespread language of programming Java for J2ME and modern high information technologies of connection allows uniting millions of people all over the world regardless of location, phone standard and operator. Everything you need is a cell phone having access to Internet or a number of phones having Bluetooth onboard.

We are glad to see you among users of our production. We will help you to have lots of fun everywhere and with everybody: in trip, at your working place if you want to relax and have a fun with your old friends you haven?t seen for ages being terribly busy or with new ones you can find around the world playing our games. It?s so easy to make your life more colourful and interesting. So, GO IN AND WIN. Anytime, anywhere and with anybody.

To contact us: - clients support service (24/7) sales service (working days) marketing service(working days)