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بـ.ـغـدآد آ لـ ـجــديـدة

♥ﭨـะĐหฬะــפףף♥: الله ویاج
چيفؤؤؤؤؤؤؤ...#: هجوسك يعني سكونك...
♥ﭨـะĐหฬะــפףף♥: لا والله ؟
حيدر————الباشط: ]دخـل الغـرفـة[
ﺁﻟـ►☹◄ــﺰﻋـﻴـﻢ: شكد عمرج انتي
♥ﭨـะĐหฬะــפףף♥: اها فهمت
نوونوو: ]دخـل الغـرفـة[
ﻧ❀…ךּﺟ๛ـﺴﯿ…ﮧﺔ: بحفضه
ﺁﻟـ►☹◄ــﺰﻋـﻴـﻢ: جيفوووو

International Spirit

Sana fatima: Smart ur not decent
$mart Prince♡: He always Doing sex cjat
~Nobody~: [joined room]
Sana fatima: M thek hon
Snow_Bee: Oh-sana but he and his cru just insulted to me .
$mart Prince♡: Snow b stay away Tm CharLuuu Bcz he s sex Chatter
CharLuu..: i didnt
Asmaar..:: Hmmm... aLways be "thik"...
Sameer‭‍‭‍‍: Hmmm as u wish snow bee i just telling u we are kiding with u not serious
CharLuu..: Xana..mein sirf hass rha tha

Indian Spirit

sumit.: [Kaksh me shamil hua]
Cimut: [Paras 'Indonesia Castle room' me gaya]
con|: [Kaksh me shamil hua]
con|: [Paras 'English room' me gaya]
रविन: [Kaksh me shamil hua]
रविन: [Paras 'Universal Kingdom' me gaya]
Beyounick: [Kaksh me shamil hua]
Beyounick: [Paras 'International Spirit' me gaya]
Asmaar..:: [Kaksh me shamil hua]
Asmaar..:: [Paras 'Universal Kingdom' me gaya]

بـ ــغــ ـدﭑد

ﺗૂﮧ᭄ﺞأﻟﺒﭩૂ᭄ﺖ: ]إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'كـركـوك'[
ﺮﯾﮧﻔﮧﺂڶ♥: فتيت الخجول
↨ﭑﻟﭩﻆﺈﻡζﻟﺴﭑﭘﻖ↨: يوم الك حوب بشوط
آرسم خيالك: فديت..الفداني
♥‏ℓℓ‎ـﻤﮩـﻨـﺪ๛♥: ةة
حيدر————الباشط: ]إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'بـ.ـغـدآد آ لـ ـجــديـدة'[
آرسم خيالك: الله..يباركلي..فيييك$smileys/1170. spr$
७ﭑﮨﻮ•گﻓﺸﮧﮥ७: 11
↨ﭑﻟﭩﻆﺈﻡζﻟﺴﭑﭘﻖ↨: ]إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'الـــكـــرادة'[
•ﺮﻋﮧ◦₫२ǻą◦ﮧﺪ•: ]إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'الـــكـــرادة'[


November 17, 2015

Two games added to collection:
- Lottery. You can buy one or more tickets and cross fingers for your luck. By the way, when users buying tickets - prize fund is growing. Winner taken randomly each night getting all prize fund.
- Stock. Buy and sell commodities like gold, oil, wheat with real-world prices. Test your finance skills!

July 6, 2015

Two new builds 2.3.2 released for Java for phones and PC

June 30, 2015

New Android build released - 2.3.2. It introduces some improvements when chatting, coloring updates and increases connection stability.